Canada Tubing and Casing Ltd. is an industry leader in southeast Saskatchewan dealing, OCTG & D110 compliant domestic and import products, ranging in size from 60.3 to 339.7 millimeters. Grades range from H40, J55, K55, L80, N80 and P110 with standard API, semi-premium and premium connections.

Line pipe

Seamless: From 1″ OD to 16″ OD, up to X65

Welded: From 6″ to 20″ up to X52

Canada Tubing and Casing is able to apply external coating in house (FBE & 3LPE)

Domestic and import products are available and uniquely situated so delivery, repairs and inspections are readily accessible.

For a complete price list, or to inquire about a specific product, please call: 306-489-0012 or email: