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Snow Removal

Snow flurries? No worries! Stay active and warm this winter in Saskatchewan while letting the professionals handle all of your snow removal needs. Long snow seasons in Saskatchewan can create lots of backbreaking work, shoveling snow off your sidewalks and driveways. Let us free up your time and have dedicated professionals take care of your […]

CTC Energy Services


Our Products – Casing and Tubing Sizes

    Below is a list of our common pipe sizes, along with the grades: Tubing: 60.3mm OD through 114.3 mm OD,  Grades J55 & L80    Casing: 114.3mm OD – 4.5″  Grades J55, K55, SOO55, L80, PS-80, N-80, TN-80SS and P110  139.7mm OD 5.5″ Grades: J55, K55, SOO55, L80, PS-80, N-80, TN-80SS and P110  […]



Canada Tubing and Casing – Explaining OCTG

What are Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)? Oil Country Tubular Goods are used both onshore and offshore. OCTG refers to a collection of rolled metal products, more commonly known as pipes, and the various accessories included in their manufacture and processes. This can include drill, casing or tubing pipes, thread protectors, stabbing guides, bumper rings and […]